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Plant Support Group Needed – A Poem

How is it that July has come to an end and I have yet to get through the entire landscape at least once pulling all the weeds?

How is it that July has come to an end and I have yet to get to the Chicago Botanic Garden, the Morton Arboretum, or any other of the beautiful public gardens near me?

How is it that July has come to an end and I have yet to complete one thing on my major landscape projects list? These were the four things I planned to accomplish in 2017:

  • Plant boxwood hedge in new section of shade garden.
  • Create new seating area in oldest shade garden.
  • Build hanging table from pallets for deck off master bedroom.
  • Redesign the shape of perennial borders on east side.

They all seemed so possible when I made the list back in January and February. It’s only four things, right? How is it that…?

I ask the questions as if I don’t already know the answers.

I set my expectations too high. Besides an hour here and thirty minutes there, I only have one day each week – Tuesday – to spend in my garden. And if it rains or I am out of town or a family member needs my help, I lose that Tuesday in the garden.

I can’t stop myself from bringing home new plants. They call to me from the garden center benches where I work every day. They call to me from the garden area attached to the grocery store when I pick up milk and eggs. They call to me from neighborhood plant sales. The plants…well, they just call to me.

And about the time I get most of them planted, there is a perennial sale somewhere. Have you ever been to a perennial sale? The plants don’t just call, they scream and plead and practically jump off the benches!

I purchase faster than I plant. Despite my promise each year to buy only what I can plant before I purchase more, my driveway quickly becomes the most beautiful driveway in my subdivision as plants wait for the Tuesday they become permanent members of my landscape.

Do you know of any plant support groups?

I need a support group
For plant addicts like me –
A group who understands
Why plants make me giddy.

I need a support group
Where everyone agrees
The smell of new mulch
Is all the perfume we need.

I need a support group
That will never judge
When my driveway’s so full of plants
The car just can’t budge.

I need a support group
That needs time off work
To vacation in the garden.
Who cares about housework?

I need a support group
That gardens at night
And to see what they’re doing
Wear hats with headlights.

I need a support group
That would rather get dirty
Than dress up for dinner
Or go to a party.

I need a support group
With folks I can share
The joys of the garden
And the plants that live there.

If you want to be in my support group, come on over with a shovel and we’ll get planting. Or maybe we’ll head out to a garden center instead and buy some more plants. Garden with me!







5 thoughts on “Plant Support Group Needed – A Poem

  1. Hi, my name is Peter and I’m a plant addict. Oh Diana, I feel your pain(?) as I share your addiction. So glad you posted in the group which helped me discover your blog. Can’t wait to read more. Working in a garden center would be a dream if I didn’t need a paycheck:)

    1. Okay Peter, you can be in my support group! The first several years I worked at The Planter’s Palette I spent more than I made. Now I figure I break even – LOL! Thank you so much for your kind words.

  2. My name is Nancy. I’m also a plant addict. I used to have 10 acres, now I live on a city lot 😭. There’s simply not a place for the plantsI want! I work at a nursery like I did before and new plants come in and call to me. They call to me from other stores, too! My husband doesn’t understand, but some of my customers do.

    1. We are kindred spirits, Nancy! Husbands don’t understand. That’s we need our own support group. When I was the manager of a garden center (for nearly 15 years) plants jumped into my car. Honestly! All by themselves!

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