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Rain Can’t Stop Gardening

It sounded like a great idea – take a week off toward the end of October to do some fall clean-up, plant bulbs and get the large shade garden weeded. The plan included that satisfying feeling at the conclusion of the week that only other gardeners can understand.

So far my great idea has not turned out as planned. Three quarters of an inch of rain fell on the first day of my vacation. That’s okay, I thought, the plants need it and I can clean my office instead. Day Two was nearly a carbon copy of the first, filling the rain gauge with another ¾ inch of water. The weather forecast promised this would be the last day of rain so…that’s sort of okay, I thought, I’ll clean my garden shelves in the garage.

It did not stop raining on Day Three. Instead, another ½ inch of rain fell on my vacation. But it was my husband’s birthday so I spent the day helping him celebrate. The sun actually peeked out on Day Four but it was so wet outside, I could only cut back perennials near the edges of beds because I didn’t dare step into the garden.

Before you either: a) feel sorry for me; or b) stop reading because you think I am just feeling sorry for myself, there is much more to this story. Some really great things happened while I was forced to do other things than play in my garden.

While cleaning my office:

  • I organized my seeds. Now two large boxes of seeds, arranged by variety, will make seed-starting this winter a breeze.
  • I found two very important pieces of paper that I thought I had lost. The first held the name and phone number of a gardener who invited me to his wildflower garden next spring. The second had an important password needed for my laptop.
  • I found $30 in cash and an uncashed $50 check.

The shelves in the garage also held some welcome surprises:

  • The garden gloves had reproduced like rabbits. I shouldn’t need to purchase another pair for at least ten years.
  • I have enough Earth Box replant kits to last five years.
  • The Felco pruners that I thought I had lost in the garden years ago were buried at the bottom of a bin of plant tags, spools of twine and stretchy tape.

Besides the little bit of garden clean-up done on Day Four, I planted bulbs in containers. This is a project I usually do while watching a football game in November, but since the soil was too wet to plant bulbs in the garden, it seemed the perfect time to check this off my fall gardening checklist.

Who knows what today, Day Five, of my vacation will hold. If I can’t garden outside, I think I’ll check out my lights and supplies for seed-starting, water my houseplants, and sit down with a garden book, chosen from the bookshelves in my now-clean office.

Rain can’t keep me from gardening on my vacation. Garden with me!


2 thoughts on “Rain Can’t Stop Gardening

    1. Hi Sheila – great to hear from you! Yes, I do cut back my hostas in fall. It really helps to keep the slug population down, eliminating an overwintering spot and exposing any eggs to my resident frogs and toads. Thanks for reading my blog. -Diana

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