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Cutting Back Perennials in Fall

To cut back or not to cut back? That is a question gardeners ask when temperatures cool, leaves turn color, and days grow shorter. Most perennials don’t care if they are cut back in fall or left standing in the garden until spring. Gardeners, on the other hand, may have strong opinions on the subject.… Continue reading Cutting Back Perennials in Fall

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Lime in the Landscape

The garden awakens with a burst of color provided by spring bulbs and wildflowers, but they are a one act play. Soon their performance is over and they head backstage. Spring-blooming perennials are the second act, just as beautiful as the first but, like spring bulbs, their flowers are fleeting. In summer, perennials take turns… Continue reading Lime in the Landscape

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Take a walk through the fall garden with me.

Unlike the multitude of summer blooms, each and every flower in my October landscape is cherished. My standards for foliage ease, too. Some ragged or cold-nipped leaves don’t send me running for a pair of pruners. With winter nipping at my heels, I have a greater appreciation for the beauty, and more tolerance for imperfection,… Continue reading Take a walk through the fall garden with me.