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Take a walk at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Pathway at CBG - 9

I recently enjoyed an entire day at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The temperature was in the 90’s and the sun was shining at full force. Areas of shade and gentle breezes were welcomed as I moved through the gardens. Take a walk with me.

Flowers were abundant and filled the gardens with happy color.

Blue Flower at CBG - 1

Clematis at CBG - 2

Telekia speciosa - Ox-Eye - 1

Astilbe Red at CBG

Snapdragons at CBG

Vibrant foliage offered studies in texture and contributed nearly as much color as the flowers.

Succulents - Great Texture - CBG - 4

Pleioblastus pygmaeus - Pygmy Bamboo

Succulents - Great Texture - CBG - 1

Plant combinations inspired ideas to try at home – some for sunny areas, others for shady situations.

Achillea & Daisies at CBG

Dianthus Pink & Celosia at CBG

Dill & Ageratum at CBG

And then there were the views, the breath-taking views.

Garden Scene - CBG - 12

Garden Scene - CBG - 28

Garden Scene - CBG - 24

Garden Scene - CBG - 32

The gardens were shared with the birds and the bees,

Robin with worm at CBG - 1

Bee on Lavender - check variety - 1

This redwing blackbird swooped from the sky and pecked my head as I walked in the Japanese Garden. I must have moved too close to her nest. She sat nearby, completely unafraid of me and my camera.

Red Wing Blackbird that pecked my head at CBG

We are so fortunate to have a world class botanic garden nearby. Take some time and enjoy this treasure. Then get ready to garden with me!

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