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The Garden of Barbara Katz

Barbara Katz was not the original owner of this home. She came to know the house as its landscape designer. When Barbara heard the homeowners were selling the house, she couldn’t bear the thought of someone else caring for the beautiful gardens she had designed and tended. She and her husband purchased the gardens (and the house).

Let’s take a walk through her garden.

The narrow side garden creates a sense of mystery.

A glimpse of sunlit color gives visitors a sense of what’s to come. A moment of wow stops us in our tracks as we view the backyard, pausing a moment to take it all in.

The backyard is divided in halves giving Barbara the chance to play with two different color palettes. One half of the backyard features pink, blue and yellow. Coneflowers, yarrow and daylilies are just some of the perennials showing off their blooms.

She is a master of color echoes.

The other half is a study in peach, blue and red.

The peachy tone of the coral bells is repeated in the coneflower.

Pretty containers of succulents are everywhere.

I love the pot of this one!

The journey continues up the wide stairs cutting through the middle of the backyard.

A stream with a series of waterfalls accompanies us as we head up the stairs.

The small circular lawn at the top of the stairs is one of the few spaces of unplanted earth. It gives eyes a chance to rest among all the color. A bench welcomes lingering.

The steeply-sloping hillside property is held by a large retaining wall at the back.

It is softened by ferns, growing in crevices.

A gazebo offers a lovely view of the garden below.

There are many lessons to be learned and plenty of plant partnerships to duplicate in the garden of Barbara Katz, don’t you think? Are you inspired? Get outside and garden with me!



6 thoughts on “The Garden of Barbara Katz

  1. I see you are a Fling ninja too, managing to get pictures without people in them. 🙂 I enjoyed your views, especially those of the yellow pot, which I missed, and the ferns growing in the stone wall.

    1. It does take a lot of patience sometimes! Isn’t it funny how we can all walk through the same garden and see different things?

  2. This is one of my favorite gardens that have been shown so far. I love the ponds and even that little lawnette. Of course I like round displays of most anything in the garden. I would love to have a wall like that too. I wonder where she keeps all of those pots of succulents during the winter??

    1. I loved this garden, too! That circular lawn was perfectly placed in the landscape. I bet she takes all those pots of succulents inside for the winter. Maybe her house looks like mine in the winter – it looks like a jungle!

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