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The Garden of Ellen Ash

The landscape of Ellen Ash is the tale of two gardens. One is magnificent and sophisticated; the other is a series of whimsical surprises. Take a walk through both with me.

A Japanese maple commands attention in the front landscape.

The dry creek bed is decorative, but also moves excess storm water when necessary.

Coming to an intersection, you must make a decision. Right, left or continue straight ahead?

Seating areas abound giving visitors a place to sit and enjoy the woodland before heading toward the sunny backyard.

A glimpse of the pool and the pool house is the reward for heading toward the light.

A Japanese maple provides a bit of shade for koi in the small pond.

A glorious hedge of hydrangeas is a feast for the eyes.

And so ends the tale of the first garden – magnificent like I promised, right? But these extraordinary views are just the beginning of this garden’s story.

Ellen has a  talent for displaying garden art throughout the landscape. Statues are positioned in just the right locations, causing pause to admire, contemplate, or chuckle.

Why did the moose cross the road?

An abstract piece of art is positioned perfectly.

Whether or not pink flamingos ever find their way in your landscape, these are adorable leaders of a blue hydrangea parade.

Ellen’s fondness for felines…

…and frogs is apparent.

Even allium seed heads get a spritz of whimsy.

How can you help but laugh out loud at this garden gal?

The garden of Ellen Ash is elegant with just the right amount of whimsy to make it fun. How do you add whimsy to your garden? Share your stories and photos and garden with me!














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